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Aechmea in a white ceramic pot

  • Aechmea in a white ceramic pot
  • Aechmea in a white ceramic pot

Aechmea in a white ceramic pot

Article code: FP030 01582

Aechmea in a pink ceramic pot

Aechmea prefers being placed in a somewhat shadowy spot.
From mid-May onwards, this species of Bromelia may be placed
outdoors, as well. Do make certain that the plant is not exposed
to the nightly frost. Outdoors Aechmea likes to be placed in the
light but it does need some protection against the full light of the sun. 

Water and nutrition 
Although most species of Bromelia had best be watered in the calyx,
Aechmea prefers being watered on the pot. You had best use rainwater
to water your plants. Moreover, rainwater contains sufficient nutrition for

The flourishing of your Aechmea 
In the growth season (from May until September), you may add some
plant nutrition to your pouring water once a fortnight, preferably only
50 % of the recommended dosage. 

Aechmea is a tropical plant that loves the warmth. Once in a while it
will be able to survive a cold night outdoors, as long as it is protected
against the frost. So remember to bring it back inside before winter. 

We are required to inform you that the plant you have bought is intended
for decoration, not for consumption.

The Aechmea is proposed in a ceramic pink pot of 17 cm,
the height of the plant is 60 cm.

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