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Begonia pink in a nice flowers bag

  • Begonia pink in a nice flowers bag
  • Begonia pink in a nice flowers bag

Begonia pink in a nice flowers bag

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Begonia in a nice flowers bag

The begonia can be found in the wild in the rain forests of
Asia, Africa and America and is a member of the begonia
family (Begoniaceae). There are approximately 1,000
different varieties of this plant. The ideal temperature for
the begonia throughout the year is room temperature
(+/- 20°C). Ensure that the plant receives sufficient light
but avoid direct sunlight. The begonia prefers high humidity.
Keep the soil moderately damp and add fertiliser once every
two weeks when giving water. The water should be lukewarm
and low in calcium. Remove old flowers and leaves on a regular
basis. This helps to prevent the formation of fungi and extends the
plant’s flowering period.

The best tips for caring for your plant:

Good light, but no bright sunlight.
Ideal temperature 18 - 20 ºC.
Keep damp, compost must not dry out.
Apply fertiliser once a week in summer.
Apply fertiliser once a week in winter.
Remove dead heads of flowers.
Remove dead foliage.

The Begonias are proposed in a nice bag and the potsize is 12 cm.

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