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The flower bouquets of Thuisbloemist are tied by hand, meaning that the bouquet is turned a little every time during binding and the flowers are tied in a mitred manner (flowers are, as it were, tied in layers, up to approx. 15 cm above the base of the bouquet). This type of bouquet is also called field bouquet or picking bouquet, a number of flowers always protrude above the base of the bouquet so that the bouquet has a total length of approximately 60 cm to 65 cm. After binding, the bouquets are immediately put on water and delivered to a water reservoir with sufficient water for up to 3 days. Each bouquet is packed in a bouquet sleeve that you can choose yourself; 1. Sleeve Flowers pink, 2. Sleeve Flower lime green, 3. Sleeve Flowers red, 4. Sleeve Flowers lavender, 5. Sleeve Flowers white frosted, 6. Paper sleeve light brown, 7. Black with dark brown paper sleeve. You can select the sleeve of your choice in the box sleeves at the top left of the sleeve by checking the box (the price of the sleeve is included in the price of the bouquet). Each bouquet will contain sachets of cut flower food. You can select a gift card to your bouquet; the personal message you can specify in the in textbox below the gift cards. You can also add a vase to your bouquet by going to accessories after clicking on the shopping cart of the bouquet of your choice and selecting the to select the vase of your choice and the color of the vase.

After you have selected the flower bouquet, click on the shopping cart and you will arrive at the order page where you can enter the address details of the person for whom you ordered the flower bouquet. Thuisbloemist will then ensure that the person receives the flower bouquet on the date specified by you.